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List of products:


Raised Floor

It is a kind of raised floor, used in industrial buildings that requires a lot of breed data cables and power supply, as well as numerous other utilities (communications). Now they are widely used in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, computer rooms, hardware, laboratories, hospitals, libraries, television studios, sports facilities, warehouses, etc.



Road traffic light with time indicator

Road traffic light is designed to regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The light source used light-emitting diodes mounted on the printed circuit board, thus reducing power consumption and ensure a long service life. Traffic lights are manufactured in climatic design UHL, category 1 according to GOST R 52282-2004. Yellow traffic light component is aligned with the timing indicator, designed to inform users about the time remaining before the extinction of the green or red light.



Road traffic lights

Road traffic light is designed to regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The light source in the traffic light is LED signal module.
Traffic lights are manufactured according to GOST R 52282-2004 and have performance: Transport V.1, T.1.p, T.1.l,, T.1g, T2 pedestrian A.1. Traffic lights consist of a base unit and two or three (depending on the version) light optical components. LED traffic signal module is available in two versions: M200 and M300 GOST R 52282-2004.




The time display of traffic lights

The time display is designed to inform users about the time remaining before the extinction of the green or red light color numbers corresponding to the traffic lights. The indicator is attached to the support bracket. Brackets are fixed fasteners, included in the package. The indicator consists of a housing, translucent shell, electronic unit, the lid. The cover is fixed on the body hinges, latches and two captive screws. The body and lid – impact resistant polycarbonate. The program of the indicator, when turned on, automatically measures within the combustion cycle traffic light (red and green). Color figures correspond to give signals of traffic lights.



LED street lights

In recent years, the growth of electricity is increased. Statistics shows that in major cities, street lighting accounts for nearly 35% of the generated electricity. If you set them on the LED rather than the standard street lights, the energy savings will be up to 3 GW per year. They are much more economical and ten times longer.



LED spotlight for indoor and outdoor lighting

In order to create a spectacular outdoor lighting it is very convenient to use LED spotlights . They are 80% more profitable and more convenient to use, due to its energy-saving properties. They are widely used for lighting warehouses, building facades, billboards and structures, fountains, landscaping and street lighting in general. Another positive feature is the quality of light emitted by which illuminates objects easier on the human eye. They are environmentally friendly and are very durable, as the ten years of continuous operation, which can significantly save money. LED spotlight can have a variety of colors, which will give even more colorful illuminated object.



Seals of various modifications

Plastic seals are versatile security device single-action design which does not allow them to open with no visible damage. Disposable plastic seals are set manually, a simple tightening tail loop. Removal can be done by hand or with a pair of household scissors. The material used manufacture composite polypropylene with nylon insert, increasing the strength of the product. Each seal has a unique seven-digit numeric labeling.



Speed ​​bumps

SB – speed bumps, or  ” sleeping policeman ”  -  are used for forced speed reduction of transport in places where there is an increased risk of harm to pedestrians or other vehicles. Made of high-strength wear-resistant material and can withstand loads of up to 15 tons.



Plastic, water-filled barrier (drum)

Water-filled road barriers 

- Are made of imported high-quality primary polyethylene, which makes the product more shock performance compared to similar products. For maximum stability, can be filled with water or sand.


Height – 100 cm / diameter – 54 cm



Plastic road barriers

Our company is a wide range of road barriers in various sizes and models, among which you can easily pick out the correct model. All products are made of high quality polyethylene. It is possible to fill with water or sand to give maximum stability.


Traffic cones

We have provided a great selection of road cones of different modifications: traffic cones, warning cones, cones, flexible, one-and two reflective strips, etc. All models are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials.


500 * 300 mm
750 * 380 mm
1000 * 490 mm



Modular houses from sandwich panels

These houses have good energy-saving measures. They are very easy to operate, can be  assembled and disassembled many times, while remaining very robust.

The material for the walls are polystyrene and mineral wool sandwich panels. All steel structural components are treated against corrosion, so these houses are durable and will last you 15 years. You have the opportunity to pick up material for roofs, walls, doors and windows to your taste.