Architectural and Design Planning

Our architects and designers  will be able to design an object as soon as possible, taking into account all your wishes. With modern computer programs, you will be clearly shown your project, if necessary, we will make adjustments as desired. You will receive a complete set of technical documentation on which your project will be easily implemented.


Territory Improvement

The list of the service includes the following works: the designation of pedestrian paths and grounds of paving and other materials, quality installation of outdoor sports, children’s facilities, and any small architectural forms.


Manufacture of furniture and solid wood furniture

Our masters will make for you a quality soundly wood furniture that will serve you with dignity as much as you want for yourself.


Manufacture and installation of advertising signs and steles (lightboxes)

Our company provides high-quality production and installation of advertising signs and steles that make, your business will sparkle with new lights.


Manufacture and installation of road signs

We can produce for you high quality signs for any purpose, with the use of retro-reflective film and other modern technologies that improve the performance of the finished products and increases their service life of 10 years. Also, our services include transportation and installation of finished road signs.


Supply of construction materials and specialized equipment

Thanks to the well-established links with foreign partners, you can easily purchase from us any items you like, which is available, or to issue an order for the product and we can easily give it to you as soon as possible.


Reconstruction of the Gas Station

Contact us and you will get a quality upgrade of an existing object, including all the trimmings. At your request, the possible development of new design and manufacturing of all kinds of information steles.


Renovation and conversion of public and private buildings

We provide the repair work of any complexity. Engaged in redevelopment purpose of public and private buildings, which involves alteration of premises (building) for another activity that is not initially provided the normative and technical documentation. You get a new solution with a complete set of documentation already agreed to all authorized services.


Construction and development of roads, squares, parkings

Our company has extensive experience in the construction and landscaping of roads and asphalt surfaces. We provide high-quality construction and repair work of any complexity. Engaged in Road Infrastructure “speed bumps”, marking, installation of fencing and curb laying paving slabs (including specialized tactile tiles for people with disabilities).


Construction and installation work

Here is the list of construction work that we carry out:

• Concrete and reinforced concrete work – construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

• monolithing sections and joints between prefabricated elements etc.

• Formwork (shuttering device)

• Reinforcement (installing reinforcement cage in the formwork).

• Installation of structures, includes delivery to the workplace, installation, alignment and consolidation of finished parts and components

• Carpentry and joinery works include: transportation to the installation and the installation of trusses, windows, doors, building of structures from pre-and machined parts (boards, bars, etc.), parquet flooring and wooden floors.

• Roofing


Installation of traffic lights and LED lights with solar panels

We carry out the installation of modern street lights and LED lights. In our company, you can choose between a standard and an environmentally friendly alternative energy source, on the basis of which the work of these devices.